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Clomid dosaging

Hey guys. So, does anyone know more about clomid dosaging? I know you start at 50 mg(mcg?), but is there any way to know what kind of reaction you'll have? Is it just about how sensitive your body is, or is it based on weight and such too? I'm just curious because I worry that my weight might effect whether it'll work. I've talked to my doctor (I was asking about starting at 100, because I'm worried), but she wants to start at the lowest dosage. She said we'll know from blood tests after I take the pills whether my body even registered the clomid (if I tried to ovulate, but didn't I guess?) and if I don't ovulate but still show some reaction we'll step it up. If it's worked for yoo, what dosage worked for you, and if you don't mind, how much do you weigh?

Hey. I'm inducing my period with progesterone, which I've done before, but never before starting Clomid like I am this time. Frankly I've never really paid attention to how long it takes me to start my period; I've just always taken the 10 pills my doctor gives me because that's what they gave me (I know some doctors just prescribe 5 or do a shot). My new doctor asked me how long it normally takes me to get my period and I told her I wasn't sure-- I just took the ten pills and got my period (whether that wasa before the ten days was up or a few cays after I finshed, I couldn't recall). So she said to just do 10 pills, but she prescribed me 30 pills, just in case I need more than 10 and also in case the Clomid doesn't work and I need to induce another period. Anyway.. my confusion-- the directions on the bottle don't say 'take one for ten days', but to 'take the pills until period starts'. Now, I may be recalling incorrectly, but I thought the 'period' wouldn't start until I stopped the progesterone (like birth control pills-- the lack of hormones during the placebo week causes withdrawal bleeding). I'm just concerned because I don't want any controllable factors to screw up the Clomid timing. I'm worried that taking the progesterone too long or not long enough might cause the Clomid not to work properly. Can anyone help me with a better understanding of how progesterone works to induce bleeding?


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Apr. 14th, 2010

I'm starting clomid this month-- just wanted to thank you all for your advice in my last post! I just started progesterone three days ago and then will start the Clomid on day 5 of my 'period'. I'm so nervous! How do you guys put up with the wait? Seems kinda silly since I've already been trying for two years! I know it takes awhile for a lot of people, but I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get it on the first try. I'm following the sex schedule my doctor gave me and I'm also going to be charting and using LH strips and I got some Pre-seed. I'm also hoping my best friend's luck will rub off on me-- she and her husband just got it on their first go. Wish me luck!

starting clomid

Hi. I've posted before, but not recently. I've been TTC for almost 2 years and have tried to control my PCOS with diet, weight loss, and metformin, but to no avail. I really didn't want to turn to clomid, but holy crap.. almost 2 years. Before I had my first child I got a period about every 4 mo., so.. not great, but I was ovulating. I haven't conceived in 2 years because I haven't ovulated even once in two years. Progesterone trials show that it's not premature ovarian failure or anything. For my health, I do use progesterone every four months or so to induce a 'period'. From what my doctors have told me and from the literature I've read, I'm a good candidate for clomid. Well, I'm going tomorrow to visit a new gynecologist and I hope to walk away with a prescription for clomid.

My questions-- What I'm curious about is how you use it. I know that they start you off at a low dosage and step it up if that doesn't work. So say it does work the first time, how many days do you take it for and about how far from the first day should you expect to ovulate? Also, if you do ovulate, but don't conceive, how long do you have to wait after your period to start the clomid again? For those of you that didn't conceive the first cycle that you ovulated on clomid, were you able to ovulate successfully again the next month? My plan is that I actually want to ovulate once before I conceive, to clean the works out. I could just use progesterone to induce a bleeding instead, but think it might be better to have a real period. I'm a little afraid, though, that I'd have success with clomid that first month but not the next. I don't want to just jump right in to TTC on the clomid because I haven't had a bleeding in about 4 mo. and I'm worried about having a good lining for implantation. I've theorized, and my doctors have said there's some merit to my theory but no way to know for sure, that one of the reasons I had complications with my daughter is that the placenta may have not implanted very well or properly due to the fact that (based on due dates based on u/s measurements) I had the D&C following a miscarriage literally just a few days before my second pregnancy implanted (so basically, I was pregnant, miscarried but didn't fully abort, ovulated again and conceived, had a D&C a week after the miscarriage started, embryo implanted some time in the next few days. My babies' due dates were 8 weeks apart and I was almost 8 weeks when I miscarried). Anyway.. ideally, I would like to start the clomid ASAP, have a real period, and then use clomid again the following month to conceive. I know I'm assuming things with the clomid will all go alright here, but I have to. They may not, but I can't plan for that. If it turns out using the clomid two months in a row isn't a good option, I will just use progesterone now and wait until next month to use the clomid.

I will of course be discussing all of these things with my doctor tomorrow, but would appreciate any insight you all might have.

I need lots of things right now :(

I need some encouraging words about our fertility problems. I also need some advice. I don't know if this community is super active or not. I am begging for your comments about the subject I am about to talk about.

First off, I have PCOS but we have already determined with my doctors that we just need to try ovulation drugs to get me to ovulate. My levels of Prolactin are fine. My HSG came back as clear as a whistle. Matter of fact, they gave me terrific marks because it's seems my plumbing is very much textbook perfect. I was thrilled to find all of this out....until:

My husband's SA came back not so good. When he went in to do it yesterday morning, he noticed that it didn't look like his typical sample. He said it looked like there was much more clear then the milky cloudy white (semen area). He said the color seemed off as well. Needless to say he was very worried. Well his feeling was correct.
Some of his numbers were:
Amount of Sperm: 7 Million. Suppose to be around 20.
Motility: 19% and it was supposed to be 40% or greater.
Morphology: 0 (that threw me for a loop!) and it was suppose to be around 4-6%.

So how many of you have husbands that got back not so good numbers? My husband is 26 years old. He doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink, and he doesn't do drugs. He lives a very clean life. He wears a 36 inch waist and is quite tall. So he isn't considered "fat".

Did any of you have bad results and it just happened to be a fluke? Meaning, did another later on come back better? If you guys to have problems what are some of the things they say to do or what can be the problems that cause this?

Thanks for your advice. I really need it right now. We will be looking into more things tomorrow and see if we want to retest again before we schedule an appointment. Chances are they will ask him to do it again anyways.

Thank you so much.

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Conceiving Naturally w/ PCOS

Hello Ladies!

Pretty new to the community and would love all the help I can get. I have been a having symptoms of PCOS since I was 13. I got diagnosed when I was 19. No doctor knew what was going on with my body up until that point. My husband and I tried to conceive after 1 year of marriage but couldn't. I was put on clomid, it didn't work. I read that metaformin and clomid combined gives a higher chance of conceiving. I convinced my doctor to add metaformin to the list. He said that he wouldn't recommend it for me since he could see from my tests that it would do nothing for me. And it turns out he was right. Metaformin made me have huge stomach pain and I couldn't even tolerate one pill! I got off of it after one month and decided to stop trying to conceive since it was too much stress. We tried once again with inducing periods with provera and then taking clomid, again nothing happened. I am now thinking of doing so naturally. I read about DCI and insoitel as well as vitex. I am wondering has anyone conceived on these? How much did you take? We have been trying for almost 4 years, I don't want IVF as of yet, because I can't afford it.
So here's the deal... Some of you may remember me as fauxconfidence. I haven't been on here for months, due to losing my husband this past April. However, I've found myself an adorable man, and babies are always a welcome possibility. I hope that none of you are the judgmental type.

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I am so tired of feeling like my body is a big defective machine.

I started Provera 10/18 to jump start my cycle ... CD1 should have been Nov 3-5th ... and yet by today Nov 9th nothing.....oh wait I have had the blessings of two weeks stuck in PMS hell with bloating, breasts that don't want to fit my bra, constipation, acid reflux, and crying jags for the last 2 days.... that's all been terribly fun.

And just for giggles I took a HPT - negative of course - what else would it be?!?

So I left a voice mail message for the RE office to see what they have to say about all of this ... I have a fear they will want me to try birthcontrol ....

Ironically enough I might not have been ovulating before the fertility meds but at least my cycles were regular and I didn't feel this poorly.


been a while

Well it's been.. AWHILE.. since I've been around. I've been just enjoying the hubby since our 1st and failed ivf in May.
I've been on bc since august and met since i think june or july.
The 14th is our second opinion on Hubby's SA, and his ultrasound came back great last month. So once this is done, it's on to planning our 2nd ivf. I have been avoiding places like this as well as Fertility Friend forum do the fact no need to drive myself batty and stress when we're not back in the game just yet.

So soon we'll be back in the ttc range/ our 2nd ivf cycle.

I wanted to ask here 2 questions. 1 has anyone done whey shakes and has anyone done Royal Jelly? And was it successful? And exactly when should one start?

2nd question. I was recently turned onto a weird thing in the media that says certain shots,we're given have hcg laced in it which makes our body fight that and when we get pregnant our bodies fight it too, making our bodies not accept pregnancy.
Has anyone else heard or read anything on these laced shots?
My brother called me today cuz he knows I've been trying, doesn't know we're doing IVF , but the shots he said were like Tetnus shots or something to where our bodies would fight what's given and thus not help us ttc people.
I have to say, after seeing the waiting room in my ivf place. I have to say this worries me cause there is TRULY too many people having problems ttc.
Have any of you ever ordered from early-pregnancy-tests.com?

They are having a sale and I wanted to place an order, but wondered if anyone had before and what kind of service you received.

Also has anyone ever used the Fertile-Focus Saliva Ovulation Predictor or anything like it? Thoughts?