Letrozole (Femara)-Any experiences?

I have PCOS, and while I have been ovulating on Clomid, I am still not pregnant after 4 cycles, and I am starting to have problems with thinning of the uterine lining from the Clomid.

My Dr suggested switching to Letrozole for a couple months. Just wondering what experiences people have had with it?
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a project on miscarriages (xposted)

Hi, I'm new to the community. This might seem a bit unorthodox but I am a photographer who is currently creating a body of photographs on the topic of miscarriages as a way to educate people on their prevalence and the types of experiences that women have because of them (though I am also interested in hearing from partners too).

I realize that this community focuses on trying to conceive with pcos, so I hope that this entry is appropriate and received well. If not, please let me know.

If you are interested in reading a bit more about the project, please read the rest of the post after the LJ cut. Thank you. :)

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First official fertility visit

So I go Thursday for my first official fertility consult.

I'm lucky in the fact that my OB-GYN is also a fertiltiy specialist, so at least I'm not starting all over with a brand new Dr.

So ladies...what should I know, Ask, think about?

We already know I have PCOS, didn't respond to Metformin, and have super irregular cycles.  I attempted charting temp and CM, but both were classic PCOS...all over the place...

So lay it on me....any advice??
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Chasteberry Vitex

 So my understanding is that this community is largely based in Australia.

I am in US and kind of curious if there are different views on PCOS is treated over there.

One thing I am currently trying, in combination with diet change, exercise and Metformin is that I am taking an herbal supplement.  This wasn't something my Dr. recommended, but I researched it and it seemed like a good idea...

Has anyone else tried this??
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Hello everyone! I thought I'd introduce myself and ask a question.
My name is Kristin. I'm 24 and married my husband, Ben, last November. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 after I developed long term amenorrhea (longest time between periods was 3 years). I was an obese teenager, I almost reached 300lbs. I had a gastric bypass when I was 21, and after I got under 200lbs I started having monthly periods. I've had them every month since Nov 2007. When Ben and I got married, Ben and I decided to TTC. I thought because of my monthly periods and weight loss I wouldn't have problems getting pregnant. It's been 10 months now, I just had my period for the month of August, and I'm not pregnant yet. :( We're thinking our next step is clomid, and we are preparing to pursue that route.

So, I have a couple questions:
1. Has anyone tried the supplement d-chiro-inositol (d-Pinitol)? Has anyone had success getting pregnant with it? Do you think it's worth a try or just go with the clomid because the supplement is a waste of money (it's expensive from what I've seen),
2. Can I get prescribed clomid by a regular OB/GYN, or do I need to find a reproductive endocrinologist? I'm thinking of finding one anyway because my current OB/GYN scratched inside me my last exam, but I wanted to ask.

Good luck to everyone, and hopefully someday soon I'll get to post a BFP. :)

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Just thought I'd introduce myself!
My name is Erin.  I'm 29.  My husband and I have been married for three years, and together for five.  I teach middle school (because I am insane.)  I live in Maryland, and if my husband hadn't come along, I'd be a crazy cat lady.  (I only have 2 right now, but I do love them so.)   Right after we got married, I was at my highest weight of 245.  About a year and a half ago, I started working out and eating very well.  I lost 52 pounds, and got down to 193.  Excuses abound, but I'm back up to 203 right now.  My cycles range anywhere from 22 days to 40 days (crazy month, but I had a Mirena IUD at the time so it doesn't really count...) but I average about 27 days. 
I was diagnosed with PCOS four years ago, right after going off BCP (that I had been on for 9 years.)  My husband and I have been TTC for only three months so far.  I'm currently taking 1000mg of Metformin, 500mg 2x daily.
Right now I'm on day 13 of my cycle, using OPKs to try and figure out when ovulation might happen. I know they don't work for everyone that has PCOS.  I keep getting negatives, so my theory (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is that if I'm getting negatives, if I actually *do* ovulate, I'll get a positive.  Hopefully.  My CM suggests that I should ovulate within the next two days or so, temperatures haven't dropped or spiked yet... we'll see how it goes!  This month would be perfect for getting pregnant - I'd get to leave school in May and not go back again until after summer vacation next year.  That would be lovely.
Hello to all :)
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I'm on cycle 2 of Clomid and just got my blood tests back. Normally my doctor calls me with them, but this time it was a nurse and I didn't feel comfortable discussing everything with her. Anyway, so I'm looking for a chart, or just some info., to tell me what my progesterone levels at CD 26 mean (it should have been CD 25, but that was a holiday; I'm currently CD 29). Thanks!


No, it's more than frustrated... I am mad. I want to just scream! I went to a first birthday party last weekend. It was for my friend's son. My friend is less than fortunate and doesn't live in a very good neighborhood, really. So of course, all the people there were also from the ghetto. All of them had at least 2 kids. I'm not saying that poor people have less of a right to have children than people who can afford to provide the essentials (though I am sure to some, that is debatable). I am saying it's bullshit that this particular group of people at the party clearly didn't want them and can have them! They weren't paying attention to the children at all. The children were dirty, and not just from the day. And what really chaps my ass is that they didn't even have to TRY to get pregnant. "It was an accident." ::Sigh::

I received the dreaded phone call yesterday from the nurse that even on my 4th round of clomid and my highest dose yet (150mg), I STILL didn't ovulate... This time it was more crushing than the others. I can't decide if it's because it's official that the clomid isn't working and we're on to more drastic steps or if it's because I really REALLY had myself convinced that this was it - I was going to be pregnant! Maybe a combination of both...

Today the dr. should be calling with the next steps. I guess I'm hoping I am strong enough to take them...
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Clomid side effects and period length

Feel kinda bad that the last 5 posts are mine-- sorry if I have too many questions!

For those of you who've used clomid, did you notice a lot of side effects? I *think* I'm having hot flashes (my husband is bundled up, my cats are shivering, I have all the windows open and am wearing next to nothing) and I've had a little disorientation (both of which were listed on the insert, so not worried). I was a little concerned the first day I took it because I had ridiculously painful cramping/ovarian pain. I am on my period, so that's not a huge surprise, but usually most of my bad cramps come before my period. I had a lot of pain on one side all morning the first day (more near my ovaries than menstrual-feeling cramps) and then the same pain on the other side all that afternoon. Today no pain. The insert said to see your doctor for pelvic pain, but I didn't think this warranted calling my doctor. I just decided to hope that it's a sign that my ovaries might be noticing the meds at least a little.

Has anyone seen a change in their period while on clomid? I don't have a period too often, so I don't remember too well, but my period has gotten a lot heavier since I started the clomid. that might just be the normal pattern of my period, but it seemed odd. I was actually expecting it to start slowing down that day (I guess the pain heavier flow might explain the pain though, or vice versa).

One last thing-- so I started the clomid on day 5, as instructed. Is there any concern about the fact that I have long periods (7-10 days; currently wrapping up day six with no end in sight (my flow normally lightens the last few days).